Ways to Help Raise Funds for Team Bradley

Have a party!  Invite friends, neighbors, colleagues and family to a BBQ, wine or dessert tasting. Tell them why you are participating and ask for their support. Put out large pickle jars for donations, charge for a signature (pink!) beverage, or have a dessert frenzy!

Throw a potluck or dinner!  Each member of your team can bring a dish. Invite friends and family for dinner. Collect a donation for each plate!

Dress down day at work!  Ask your employer to allow your colleagues to dress down for a charge. Wear jeans for a $10 donation.

Team car wash!  Ask your local car wash if you can hold a fundraising event. Post flyers to drive business in advance. Collect a % of proceeds. Or, host a neighborhood car wash event.

Garage sale!  Ask friends and neighbors to participate by donating items for the sale. Make signs that indicate all proceeds are going to the Race for the Cure. Add your Bake Sale or Lemonade Stand to the mix!

Super change jar! Ask all of your friends and family to put aside their spare change to be added to the super change jar. Decorate the jar with inspirational quotes. Bring the jar to various events.

Sell goodies!  Make homemade goods and sell for a donation! Jams, Jellies, Cookies, Cupcakes, Craft items.

Host a Bunco Night!  Entry for the evening is a $20 donation. Have a fun evening for a good cause!

Hold a drawing for exciting prizes!  Secure prizes from various restaurants, hair or nail salons, spas, etc. and collect donations for opportunities to win prizes. $5 for each opportunity/ticket. 

Contact local businesses!  Ask your favorite restaurant to donate a portion of sales to your Race Team!

Have a 50/50 raffle!  Sell tickets to a 50/50 raffle at a large event or gathering. The prize is half the pot. The winner splits the pot with you- you get 50% of proceeds for your fundraising and they get the other 50%.

Forget-Me-Knots - Tie a pink ribbon on your potential donors fingers and ask them not to remove it until they have made a donation.

Spare Change-  Ask your favorite restaurant or local pub to put out a jar for donations for spare change. Decorate it with pictures, quotes and pink ribbons.

Pink Lemonade, anyone?  Have a Lemonade stand and get your kids involved. Great way to have them feel like they are joining you in making a difference.

Movie Party - Host a movie party at your house. Every time the word walk is said in the movie, everyone antes up $1 in a donation bowl. Ask for a donation at the door to get into movie night.

Host a Coffee Get Together- Meet for coffee at your home or at a local coffee shop. Ask your favorite coffee shop to donate the coffee. Invite your neighbors and friends. Let them know they have a chance to pay tribute to someone affected by breast cancer by signing a shirt for a donation.

Go Green for Pink- Save all your aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles that reflect a redemption value. Ask your employer if you can set up a “Recyclables for the Cure” at the office.

Dance Party- Host a Themed Music- 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s style. Play all of the old favorites. Ask people to come dressed in costume and dance the night away. Ask for suggested donations at the door, theme the donation with the party.

Game Night- Host a game night with food and drinks. Ask for suggested donations.

Pancake Breakfast- Host a pancake breakfast at a school, park or place of worship. Ask for a specific suggested donation amount at the door.

Rock On- If you know musicians, ask them to perform a benefit concert at a backyard BBQ, block party or local pub.

Flower Friday’s - Find a florist to donate flowers to you and sell them for a dollar at work or school, or your kid’s soccer game.

Sweet Tooth Day – Everyone loves to eat and make homemade desserts! Have a contest to judge the best chocolate chip cookie or any other tasty treat and have your boss be the judge.  Then sell the entries to benefit your Race for the Cure.