Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering (EE) is an exciting field that has transformed the world over multiple generations. It is the cornerstone and foundation of today’s rapidly evolving technology, including computers, robotics, renewable energy, life-saving medical devices, mobile devices, aerospace, control systems and nearly any other electronic device or system you can dream. A Bradley EE degree will give you the knowledge, skills and ability to provide solutions and advancements to some of today’s most complex problems.

As an Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) major, you gain a firm understanding in engineering, problem solving and applications. With this knowledge, you are prepared to pursue your passions in numerous directions. You begin hands-on lab work as a first-year student and continue with faculty-mentored projects through your senior year. Design projects are integrated into classes every semester to strengthen your grasp of the field. You can earn a general EE degree, or you can add a computer concentration, or a robotics and controls concentration, in case you want a more focused degree. Additionally, you can earn a master’s degree in electrical engineering.

ECE major develop robot intelligence with hardware and software.

Consistently higher average starting salary than other engineering majors.