Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and Technology

Industrial and manufacturing engineers transfer conceptual design models into physical systems and products with superior quality, time efficiency and cost effectiveness. Bradley’s IMET department prepares students with project-based course work, technical knowledge and analytical skills to be leaders in the fields of business, manufacturing, and health care.

As an IMET student, you gain a strong foundation in engineering, business, science and math. You learn technical and theoretical knowledge, and also develop practical skills through well-designed hands-on projects in renovated labs housing computer integrated manufacturing systems, computer numerical control (CNC) machines, robotic arm CMM, waterJet, 3D printing, ergonomics, welding and casting equipment. Industrial engineering is concerned with the overall design, operation, management and improvement of complex systems. These systems involve people, materials, information equipment and money. Manufacturing engineering deals with the entire production process: Product design, materials selection and design, manufacturing system design, tooling and fixture design, manufacturing process optimization and lean manufacturing implementation.

An additional $100,000 in department-level scholarships are awarded yearly besides university-level scholarships

Senior capstone projects give students advanced real-world experience.