Institute For Principled Leadership In Public Service

Two premier institutions, Bradley University and The Dirksen Congressional Center, have joined forces to launch the Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service. Bradley University has a rich history of producing outstanding public service leaders – from former House Minority Leader Bob Michel to U.S. Secretary for Transportation Ray LaHood. The Institute promotes a return to statesmanship at all levels of government. Our goal is to become a Midwestern think tank advocating for a bipartisan leadership approach to resolve America’s most pressing problems.

The Institute hosts annual public policy symposiums on important national, state, and local issues; a visiting speakers program of national, state, and local public service leaders; and teaches best practices in governmental and ethical leadership through the Leadership Minor. Bradley students benefit from interaction with distinguished leaders and from student participation in implementing the Institute’s programs. The Institute is located in Suite 135 of Westlake on the campus of Bradley University.


The mission of the Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service is to support Bradley University's commitment to academic excellence, experiential learning, and leadership development by (1) developing ethical, bipartisan, civil, and collaborative leaders for successful careers in public service, and (2) promoting civic engagement among Bradley students.


IPL seeks to assist Bradley University in becoming an institution of national distinction by continuing to develop outstanding public service leaders and promoting good government practices at the national, state, and regional levels, IPL will become a national lighthouse for bipartisan, ethical, civil and collaborative leadership and student civic engagement.

“I am delighted that my alma mater, Bradley University, and the Dirksen Congressional Center are joining forces to launch the Institute. The Institute can inspire a new generation of leaders to use a bipartisan and collaborative approach to resolving our toughest issues. We desperately need a return to civility, statesmanship, and integrity at all levels of government. Public service can be and should be a noble profession worthy of our best and brightest graduates.”

- Former U.S. House Minority Leader Bob Michel