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Games Now and Forever Club (GNFC)

President: Andrew R Hopkins (

The purpose of this club is to provide fun and relaxation on weekly basis, through games of many varieties. 8/13

Gamma Iota Sigma

President: Alex DiVerde (


Gamma Phi Beta

President: Marian Kavanaugh (


German Club

President: Andrea Winn (

Increase awareness on campus and in the community of the language and culture of the German people as well as to help students of German grow in their German speaking abilities by providing activities, leadership possibilities and community service opportunities. 7/13

Get Fit Stay Fit

President: Matt Miller (


Girl Scout Mentors

President: Brittany Naughton (

The Bradley Girl Scout Mentors will support the promotion the Girl Scout of the USA organization at Bradley University. 2/13

Global Ambassadors

President: Namrata Bothra (


Global Medical Training

President: Allen Ghareeb (

BU Chapter of GMT shall serve as a conduit between GMT Int'l, the GMT members and the BU Community in general by coordinating annual global mission trips to Ctrl America. To provide training workshops to BU Students that will educate them on diseases and other health information. Raise global awareness, encourage local action & volunteerism in economically disadvantaged communities. 8/13

Golf Club

President: Judson Bro (


Green Action (Bradley)

President: Nathan Davis (

Purpose of the club is to foster a wide student interest and participation in environmental activities, and to increase student awareness of environmental problems facing Bradley, the Peoria area, and the world. 4-14