Late Night BU

Late Night BU provides an alcohol-free source of late-night entertainment for Bradley University students monthly throughout the school year. LNBUs are a fun way to meet up with friends, create crafts, play on some inflatables, and enjoy some great food from local restaurants.

Late Night BU was created out of the Alcohol Action Plan, released in April of 2008. The first LNBU was Halloween-themed and was held in October of 2008. Throughout the first year, activities were organized by staff members in Wellness Programs, Student Activities, and Campus Recreation. Seven LNBUs were held during the inaugural season and 800 students attended each LNBU on average.

An increase in the Student Activities Fee in 2009 established a guaranteed source of funding for Late Night BU. The fee increase also enabled student staff to be hired to plan and implement eight LNBUs. In April of 2009, four event coordinators, two logistics coordinators, and a graphic designer were hired and formed the first Late Night BU Planning Committee. This model proved to be successful, as LNBUs throughout the 2009 – 2010 year attracted average attendances of over 1,000 students!

2017-2018 Late Night BU Dates

Saturday, August 19 3,335
Friday, October 13 1,068
Friday, November 10 861
Tuesday, December 5 953
Friday, January 19 962
Friday, February 23 1059
Friday, April 6 TBA
Tuesday, May 1 TBA

Late Night BU Average Attendance Figures:

2017-2018 8 Events TBD
2016-2017 8 Events 1,166
2015-2016 8 Events 1,326
2014-2015 8 Events 1,185
2013-2014 8 Events 1,172
2012-2013 10 Events 1,140
2011-2012 10 Events 1,300
2010-2011 10 Events 1,200
2009-2010 8 Events 1,100
2008-2009 7 Events 930