Online Graduate Certificate - Nonprofit Leadership

We’ve designed the Nonprofit Leadership Certificate for professionals looking to enhance their leadership skills in the nonprofit industry at any level. Given the sustained growth of this industry in recent years, the need for experts like you to step up to the plate has never been higher. Our online Nonprofit Leadership Certificate here at Bradley University brings you all the tools you need to advance your career while allowing you to customize a course load that accommodates your busy schedule.

This 12-credit hour online certificate provides you with the means to develop collaborative skills, innovative problem solving, and a strong core of personal values that will empower you to become an outstanding leader in a variety of roles. Plus, our numerous electives allow you to tailor the coursework to fit your experiences and interest.

Program Benefits

  • 30% tuition reduction for current full-time nonprofit employees
  • Courses taught by founders, vice presidents, executive directors, COOs and CEOs of nonprofit organizations
  • Electives that develop specialized nonprofit leadership skills catering to your individual needs
  • All courses are offered on-demand and transfer to the fully online Master of Arts in Nonprofit Leadership program
  • Proven 95% career outcomes

Graduate Admission Requirements

Learn more about graduate admission standards and application requirements on our requirements page.

Nonprofit Leadership Career Outlook

Nonprofits are crucial to addressing social, economic, and environmental issues, and the need for effective leadership in these organizations is more important than ever. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of top executives, including those in the nonprofit industry, is projected to grow 4% from 2019 to 2029, adding around 43,000 new jobs. A graduate certificate in nonprofit leadership can be hugely helpful in advancing your career towards these positions.

Course Information

Through the courses in this online certificate, you’ll gain the fundamentals of grant writing, strategic planning and fundraising. You’ll also develop a familiarity with digital media applications and other nonprofit leadership topics.

Required Courses - 3 hrs.

  • NPL 610: Survey in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.

Elective Courses (choose three) - 9 hrs.

  • FCS 541: Research Methods - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 580: Financial Leadership in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 581: Topics in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 582: Grant Writing in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 583: Supervision and Employee Engagement in Nonprofit Leadership - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 605: Legal and Social Change - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 606: Digital Media Applications for the Nonprofit Leader - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 612: Institutional Planning and Evaluation - 3 hrs.
  • NPL 673: Effective Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations - 3 hrs.