Coronavirus Information:
Bradley University will continue on-campus, in-person classes for the spring 2021 semester with limited restrictions.

Teaching Excellence Grants

Bradley's Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning (CTEL) offers Teaching Excellence (TE) grants for conferences/workshops and innovative teaching. Priority is given to grants that relate to Bradley's strategic plan or core curriculum. Grant applications are due March 1, 2021 and the award decisions will be made by March 26, 2021.


CTEL invites eligible Bradley faculty and professional staff to apply for Teaching Excellence (TE): Conference/Workshop Grants up to $1,200 for one person OR up to $2,400 for two people.

The conference/workshop grant typically requires that a minimum of 25 percent of the project costs be funded by the applicant’s department, division or college. For example, if $1,000 is requested, the applicant must show that $250 is covered by the department, division or college. However, for this school year, 2020-2021, the provost has approved waiving this requirement. These grants are intended to partially cover expenses related to attending a state, regional, national or international conference or workshop for professional development and to present or perform scholarly or creative activities. Due to the present travel restrictions, grants will be available for virtually attending a conference or workshop which charges a fee to register or participate.

Grant Guidelines Proposal Evaluation Rubric

Innovative Teaching

CTEL invites eligible Bradley faculty and professional staff to apply for Teaching Excellence (TE): Innovative Teaching Grants up to $4,400 for preparing a new course or substantially revising an existing. Faculty and staff also may apply for grants up to $5,400 for preparing a multidisciplinary course or courses. Up to $4,400 (or equivalent to 7 percent of the applicant's base salary plus fringe benefit costs of 10% of the salary amount) of the Innovative Teaching (TE) grant can be applied as a faculty summer stipend and/or a $4,400 for course release time (which is equivalent to the cost of covering one 3-semester hour course plus fringe benefit costs of 25% of the salary amount). The salary component of the course release is paid directly to the applicant's department. Fringe benefits include the employer's share of such items as FICA, insurance, retirement plan contributions, etc. and are charged to the grant in relation to the salaries that are paid.

TE: Innovative Teaching Grants are intended to promote best practices in higher education, enhance student learning experiences, and integrate new pedagogies and/or technologies into teaching practices.

Grant Guidelines Proposal Evaluation Rubric