Federal Proposal Preparation

Preparing Letter of Intents, Pre-Proposals, Full Proposals, etc. on Federal Websites

Grants.gov → Used for most federal proposals

  1. Prepare a workspace on Grants.gov
  2. Video Instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOjwumQz0G8&t=52s

    1. Login to grants.gov
    2. If you know the Funding Opportunity Number and Opportunity Package ID, go to the Applicantsmenu and select Apply Now.
    3. If you do not know the Funding Opportunity Number and Opportunity Package ID, go to the Search Grants menu and find the desired announcement.

      1. Select the desired opportunity. The Funding Opportunity Number will be found in the Synopsis tab and the Opportunity Package ID in the Package tab. Copy both.
      2. Select the Apply button in the upper right of the screen.
      3. The Funding Opportunity should be prepopulated but the Opportunity Package ID may not be. Enter the Opportunity Package ID and Funding Opportunity Number, if necessary.
    4. Enter an Application Filing Name (can be just about anything), but it is advisable to use something that you and your collaborators will easily recognize in their account. (Note: You can edit the name of the Workspace at a later time on the Manage Workspace page).
  3. Complete the requested information for the proposal (listed as Mandatory) within the Workspace.
  4. Video Instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtU0b9863ag&t=31s 

  5. Before requesting an Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) to submit the application, click the Check Application button within workspace. After the status of all forms is "Passed" and you are ready to submit the application, contact osp@bradley.edu so that an AOR can Sign and Submit the Only an AOR, not PIs/PDs, can submit proposals on behalf of the University.

Research.gov → Used for NSF Proposals (many can also be submitted with grants.gov)

Video for Preparing a Proposal on research.gov: https://www.research.gov/common/attachment/Desktop/psmvideo6.html

    • Login to research.gov
      • o If you don’t already have an account, see instructions.
    • From the Proposals Menu select Prepare and Submit Proposals.
      • If you have not previously started a submission, select the appropriate document from the Prepare New drop-down menu (options: Letter of Intent, Preliminary Proposals, or Proposals (Full and Renewal).
        • Click the radio button for the appropriate Funding Opportunity Number and complete the necessary steps.
      • If you are returning to complete work on a project that is in progress, select the appropriate document from the Work with In Progress drop-down menu.

    eRA Commons (era.nih.gov) → Used for NIH Proposals (Grants.gov can also be used)