Procedure for Committee Review

It is the responsibility of the investigator (faculty member, administrator, or student) using human subjects in a covered research project to submit the appropriate application materials for Committee review according to the following guidelines: 

  • Complete the application form and an appropriate informed consent form.
  • Submit all completed forms to OSP - Bradley Hall Room 200F. During the current academic year, the Committee will meet monthly. Application materials must be submitted by 11:00 a.m. on the Wednesday one week prior to the meeting. Submit 1 copy of all application material to OSP Bradley Hall Room 200F.
  • Written responses concerning Committee action and/or approval forms will be sent to the applicant within one week following final action by the Committee.
  • The Committee reserves the right to consult with the subject matter, medical, or legal experts concerning any projects submitted for review. If expert review of a proposal is deemed necessary by the Committee, a substantial delay in Committee action should be anticipated.
  • In the event that a project is denied approval by the Committee, the applicant will be notified in writing of the reasons for disapproval and will be given the opportunity to respond in person or in writing.
  • All research projects that have been approved by the Committee may be subject to further review or disapproval by appropriate officials of the University. Projects that have been disapproved by the Committee may not be subsequently approved by any other University's Officer.
  • Major changes in the research design and/or procedures following Committee approval must be resubmitted to the Committee as an amended proposal. In addition, progress reports must be submitted at least annually and more often if so specified by the Committee.
  • Approval of a project does not remove the researcher's legal responsibility for the project. The researcher is expected to retain signed individual informed consent forms for a period of five years. The Committee's approval of a project constitutes only a statement by the Bradley Committee that it believes the rights of human beings will be adequately protected.
  • Questions concerning application procedures and guidelines should be referred to the Chairperson of CUHSR.
  • For full copy of the policies and procedures see the faculty handbook.