Below are the pre-requisites for Bradley's Occupational Therapy program. Be aware that each occupational therapy school may establish their own specific pre-requisites which may vary from this list, so it is your responsibility to carefully research the admission requirements for schools to which you plan to apply. Pre-requisite courses may be taken as part of a Bradley major, minor, Bradley Core or free electives. Work with your academic advisor to plan the best timing and sequence for completing pre-requisites for pre-occupational schools. All science courses should be taken with labs unless otherwise noted.

See OTCAS Participating Programs Directory or individual program websites for program-specific requirements.

  1. Physical Sciences
    1. Chemistry – 1 semester of general chemistry for science majors (eg. 3 semester hours) with laboratory experience
  1. Physics – 1 semester of general physics for science majors (eg. 3 semester hours) with laboratory experience
  2. Psychology – 6-8 semester hours.
    1. General psychology
    2. Lifespan development
    3. Abnormal psychology

  3. Anatomy – 1 year of human or comparative anatomy that includes a laboratory experience
  4. Physiology – 1 year of human physiology (A two-semester sequence of combined anatomy and physiology will meet the anatomy and physiology requirement)
  5. Statistics – 3 semester hours of general statistics
  6. English- Minimum of one 300 level or higher health science writing course
  7. Medical Terminology- minimum of 1 credits in medical terminology