Committee on Equity and Diversity

Membership 2021-2022 Term Expires Selection
Jacqueline Henderson 2024 Senate Exec. Comm.
Juan Rio Vegas 2024 Senate Exec. Comm.
Ollie Nanyes 2023 Senate Exec. Comm.
Aurea Toxqui 2023 Senate Exec. Comm.
Heather Longfellow 2022 Senate Exec. Comm.
Kerry Walters 2022 Senate Exec. Comm.
Crystal Elliott 2023 VP for Business Affairs
Molly Cluskey 2022 Provost and VP for Academic Affairs
TBD 2022 Student Senate

Faculty Handbook's Statement on Committee Membership

“The Committee shall be composed of nine members. Six members shall be appointed by the Executive Committee subject to approval by the Senate. One member shall be appointed by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and one member by the Vice President for Legal Affairs. One member shall be a student selected by the Student Senate. Appointments are for three-year renewable terms with staggered terminations. The Committee shall elect its own Chairperson and establish its internal operating procedures. Those procedures shall be made available to the campus community.”