Contractual Arrangements

Membership 2022-2023 Term Expires Selection
Anna Ullmann (Fac) 2025 Elected by Senate
Tanya Marcum (Fac) 2023 Elected by Senate
Elena Gabor (Fac) 2024 Elected by Senate
Dennis Koch (Admin) 2023 Elected by Senate
Kristi McQuade (Fac) Chair 2024 Senate Exec. Comm.
Dayna Fico (Admin) 2022 Elected by Senate

Faculty Handbook's Statement on Committee Membership

“The (Contractual Arrangements) Committee shall be composed of five members. The University Senate shall elect four members, one from the administrators and three from the full-time faculty. The Executive Committee of the Senate shall appoint the fifth member, who shall be chosen from among those who have training and expertise in areas relevant to the Committee. This appointment is subject to Senate approval. At least one member must be a member of the University Senate, but the other four need not be Senate members. Committee members shall serve for staggered three-year terms which begin at the start of the Fall semester.”