Curriculum and Regulations

Membership 2022-2023 Term Expires
Wendy Schweigert (Chair) 2025
Walter Zakahi ---
Andy Kindler ---
Molly Gribb ---
Jeffrey Huberman ---
Jessica Clark ---
Daniel Moon ----
Adolfo Cisneros (CLAS) 2024
Chad Lowell (SCCFA) 2024
Matt McGowan 2025
Michael McAsey 2023
Jing Wang (CEGT) 2025
TBD (CEHS) 2022
Wendy Schweigert (CLAS) 2025
Naomi Stover (CLAS) 2023
TBD 2021
TBD 2020

Faculty Handbook's Statement on Committee Membership

“The Committee on Curriculum and Regulations shall consist of the following:

  1. Ex officio members:
    1. The Registrar;
    2. The Deans of the Colleges and of the Graduate School.
    3. A tenured faculty nominated by the Senate Executive Committee and approved by the Senate who shall serve as the chairperson for a renewable three year term. The Chair will receive a one course reduction during the academic year. The Provost’s Office will provide the needed committee staff support.
    4. The Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  2. Faculty members elected from and by the full-time faculty of their respective units for three-year terms:
    1. One member from the College of Business Administration;
    2. One member from the College of Communications and Fine Arts;
    3. One member from the College of Education and Health Sciences;
    4. One member from the College of Engineering and Technology;
    5. Three members from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  3. Two undergraduate student members recommended by the Student Senate;
  4. One graduate student recommended by the Graduate Student Advisory Council;
  5. Membership on the General Education Subcommittee of the Committee on Curriculum and Regulations shall be approved by the Senate.”