Faculty Grievance

Membership 2023-2024 Term Expires
Jeries Abou-Hanna 2025
Kevin Swafford 2025
Udo Scnuph 2025
Michael Lang 2024
Twila Lukowiak 2024
Mohammad Hossain (alternate) 2024

Faculty Handbook's Statement on Committee Membership

The Faculty Grievance Committee shall consist of five members and one alternate who are full-time tenured faculty members, nominated and elected by and from the full-time faculty. Members shall be elected for staggered terms of two years. In alternating years, three members shall be elected and, in the subsequent year, two members and one alternate member shall be elected. If a vacancy occurs prior to the completion of a term, the alternate member shall complete that term. The new alternate member shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of the Senate to complete the term of the previous alternate. Members may not be re-elected within one year after the expiration of their terms. Furthermore, they may not serve as the Faculty Ombuds or on the Committee on Tenure, Promotion and Dismissal simultaneously or before one year after their term expires on the Faculty Grievance Committee.