University Resources

Membership 2021-2022 Term Expires Selection
Molly Adams 2022 Senate Exec Comm
Michell Fry 2024 Senate Exec Comm
Aaron Buchko (Chair) 2023 Senate Exec Comm
William Bailey 2024 Senate Exec Comm
Iqbal Shareef 2022 Senate Exec Comm
Ryan Schmidgal 2023 VP Business Affairs
TBD (student) 2022 Student Senate

Faculty Handbook's Statement on Committee Membership

“The Committee on University Resources shall consist of seven members. Five members shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of the Senate, two of whom shall be chosen from among those whose training and experience are in areas relevant to the Committee. One shall be appointed from the staff of and by the Vice President for Business Affairs. One shall be a student appointed by the Student Senate.

  • Appointments are made for three-year renewable terms with staggered terminations;
  • The Chairperson of the Committee shall be elected from and by the members of the Committee.”