Academic Review Board

Membership 2021-2022 Term Expires Selection
Scott Cavanah 2024 a.1)
Travis Stern 2022 a. 2)
David Olds 2023 a. 3)
Jana Hunzicker 2025 a. 4)
Jing Wang 2025 a. 5)
KTBD 2024 1. 6)
Kevin Swafford (Chair) 2024 a. 7)
Mark Gobeyn 2023 a. 8)
Philip Horvath 2022 a. 9)
Ross Fink 2023 a. 10)
Anne Hollis 2024 b. 1)
Jobie Skaggs ---- b. 2)
Rob Prescott ---- b. 2)

The membership and roles of the ARB committee members shall consist of the following:

  1. Two tenured faculty members from each academic college appointed by the Dean and 1 representative from the Division of Student Affairs appointed by the Provost in consultation with the Vice President for Student Affairs to serve a term of 3 years renewable. Terms should be staggered to ensure continuity on the committee.
  2. Ex Officio nonvoting members: Associate Provost, an associate Dean selected in consultation with the Council of Deans
  3. Committee members elect the Chair from the faculty members of the committee to a term of 3 years renewable.