Student Grievance

Membership 2022-2023 Term Expires
Chad Clark (SCCFA) 2024
Jing Wang (CEGT) 2024
Heather Longfellow (FCB) 2023
Kevin Swafford (CLAS) 2025
TBD (Undergraduate) 2022
TBD (Graduate) 2022
Twila Lukowiak (CEHS) 2025

Faculty Handbook's Statement on Committee Membership

“The Student Grievance Committee shall consist of:

  1. Five faculty members who shall be elected to three-year renewable terms on a staggered basis. The faculty of each College of the University shall elect one of its members to serve on the Committee. An additional graduate faculty member shall be appointed from the Executive Committee of the Graduate Faculty by the Dean of the Graduate School to hear cases involving graduate students.
  2. Two students appointed annually for one-year terms. One of the students shall be a member of the Student Senate Academic Affairs Committee appointed by the Student Senate. The other student shall be a member of the Graduate Advisory Committee appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School.”