Subcommittee on Regulations and Degree Requirements

The Core Practices Committee is a standing subcommittee of the Core Curriculum Subcommittee. Unlike other subcommittees, the University Senate must confirm individuals nominated to serve on the Core Practices Subcommittee.

Membership 2021-2022 Term Expires Selection
TBD 2023 Dean Elected by C and R Committee
Andy Kindler ---- Registrar
Kerry Walters (SCCFA) 2022 appointed by Dean
Lucy Lu, (FCB) 2022 appointed by Dean
TBD, (LAS) 2022 appointed by Dean
Fred Tayyari, CEGT 2023 appointed by Dean
Robert Davison Avil├ęs, CEHS 2023 appointed by Dean

Committee Structure

The subcommittee shall consist of the following/p>

  • one dean selected by the Curriculum and Regulations for a term of five years
  • the registrar
  • one faculty member from each of the colleges to serve terms of five years. Faculty members on the committee shall be appointed by the dean of the college in consultation with the executive committee of the college