Past Presidents

Bradley University Senate Presidents

The Senate was organized on May 29, 1969 and had a first meeting on October, 1969.  The previous senate “dissolved itself and reorganized with certain administrative ex-officio members.”  This reorganized senate is essentially what we have today.

The previous incarnation of the Senate was proposed in a constitution in 1952. The first meeting was on May 21, 1952.   Meetings under this version were chaired by the president of the university (Rodes and then Van Arsdale) with occasional substitutes to chair a meeting, principally Dean Sipple (Dean of the University, perhaps).  For this senate, there were “permanent” members and “elected” members.  The permanent members included the president, Executive VP, VPAA, all the college deans, all the department chairs, all full professors, and a variety of other people like the library director, registrar, director of summer school, admissions, adult education, … .  There were 15 elected members.

J. Ross Brown              1969-1970 (Elected: Oct.13, 1969; a reorganized Senate)

Laurence Norton         1970-1971

Tom Cummings           1971-1972

Jim Ballowe                 1972-1974

Robert Thomson          1974-1975

Brendan Liddell           1975-1977

Kal Goldberg                1977-1981

Billy Mathis                  1981-1983

Neal Claussen              1983-1986

John Howard                1986-1987

Joe Roach                    1987-1989

Doan Modianos            1989-1991

Conley Stutz                1991-1992

Joe Alber                     1992-1994

Nina Collins                 1994-1996

Sandra Perry               1996-1998

Kurt Field                     1998-2000

Larry Aspin                  2000-2002

Mary Jo Mays               2002-2004

Mike McAsey                2004-2006

Sam Fan                       2006-2008

Molly Cluskey              2008-2010

Brian Huggins              2010-2012

Matthew O'Brien          2012-2014

Jobie Skaggs               2014-2016

Mathew Timm               2016-2018