Resources for Educators

Dr. Harold Brooks' STEM Lecture

Video: 53:14

Monica McGill STEM Lecture

Video: 50:00

Teacher Stories

Video: 7:10

EPISMI 1: Planning And Assessing

Video: 18:10

EPISMI 2: Rationale for Grouping

Video: 5:57

EPISMI 3: Teachers As Facilitators

Video: 5:17

EPISMI 4: Student Led Instruction

Video: 5:30

EPISMI 5: Collegial Behavior

Video: 5:06

EPISMI 6: Discovery of Motion

Video: 9:06

EPISMI 7: Math Lesson

Video: 16:12

The sites below may be useful to provide  data from real research for teachers to use in the classroom.

Summer to Make, Plan and Connect at Bradley University CS4H

This link has information and resources from the summer workshop.

On-Site River Lab Activities

Sediment Tubes

Soil Planters and Erosion

Watching the River

The Center for STEM Education at Bradley University offers kits and equipment for area teachers to check out. Please see the attached information:

Equipment and Kits for Check-Out