Global Scholars

Students enrolled in the Slane College of Communication and Fine Arts have the unique opportunity to earn the designation Global Scholar-International Option in recognition of achievement in global studies. The Global Scholar-International Option may be earned in conjunction with a degree in Art, Communication, Interactive Media, Music, and Theatre Arts. Requirements for program participation will not require additional financial expense and will not add to total credits necessary for graduation. The Global Scholar-International Option provides:


  • Formal recognition by the dean of the college and citation at the Slane College of Communication and Fine Arts Awards ceremony.
  • Global Scholars recognition on your DARS and notation on your official university transcript.


  • Courses: Students enrolled in Global Scholars under the BCC should select one course in each of the following areas: Fine Arts (FA), Global Perspectives (GP) World Cultures, Global Perspectives (GP) Global Systems (GS) and Humanities (HU).  Courses taken during a semester study abroad may also be accepted for specific areas with approval by the Director of the Global Scholars program.
  • Language: complete at least one semester of foreign language.  Language may be taken in conjunction with a study abroad program.
  • Seminars: complete two one-semester-hour Global Scholar seminars offered by faculty proficient in a variety of international topics. Seminars are offered each semester.
  • International Study Abroad: participate in an approved international study experience selected from ensemble travel, international internships, or Bradley International Study Abroad programs.

For more information please contact: Dr. Sarah Glover, Global Studies Program Coordinator and Senior Associate Dean, Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts