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Students currently enrolled in the Hollywood Semester or the Hollywood Semester Boot Camp should direct questions to Howard McCain, Director of the Hollywood Semester, at cmccain@bradley.edu

Students with questions regarding upcoming Hollywood Semester programs should contact, Dr. Sarah Glover at sglover@bradley.edu.

The Bradley University Hollywood Semester offers a unique opportunity for Bradley students to spend a semester in Los Angeles, living in the heart of the entertainment industry, studying specialized entertainment courses taught by industry professionals and interning across various sectors of the entertainment industry. The program aims to provide students with firsthand experience and networking opportunities in Hollywood, through internships, courses, and guest lectures. Participants gain valuable skills and connections crucial for careers in film, television, public relations, social media, and more. Additionally, the Hollywood Semester includes expeditions to industry events, ensuring an immersive experience in Los Angeles. Alumni emerge with a practical understanding of the industry, strong networking abilities, and professional presentation skills. The program now offers a mentorship initiative connecting students with Bradley alumni in Los Angeles. Open to all Bradley students & majors, the Hollywood Semester provides 12 academic credits and accepts financial aid, empowering students across majors to kickstart their careers in entertainment.

The Bradley University Hollywood Semester is a Bradley sponsored academic program. There is no enrollment cap.  All interested participants are enrolled as students of Bradley University earning 12 hours of Bradley academic credit. Bradley financial aid is applicable to the program costs of the Hollywood Semester.  The Hollywood Semester program is open to all Bradley students in all majors.

Participants must hold junior or senior standing, a minimum GPA of 2.5, and approval by Bradley University faculty in student's major. The Hollywood Semester program is open for student participation each fall or spring semesters. Participants must also complete and pass a mandatory boot camp for the semester prior to their semester.