Hollywood semester students in The Late Night Show audience

Will any of the Hollywood Semester coursework count for BCC's?

Yes. One writing intensive course is offered per semester and you will get one EL tag when you participate in the required internship.

Are there any classes I need to take in preparation for the Hollywood Semester?

Yes. You need to enroll in CFA 360 - Hollywood Semester Boot Camp in the semester prior to going to LA.

Can I take the Hollywood Semester my Junior year?

Students can take the Hollywood semester in their junior year. To determine if this is appropriate for your plans, you will need to meet with your advisor prior to applying to the program.

What textbooks will I need for my classes?

There are no textbooks required for the Hollywood Semester. If necessary, instructors will have printed out text.

Will I need a car?

Yes. A car is highly recommended as it will come in handy traveling to your internship and our LA expeditions throughout the semester.

What is included in the apartments?

Your apartment will come fully furnished with 2 twin beds per room, a television, a couch, a desk and kitchen essentials including plates, silverware and glassware. Wireless internet is also included in your apartment. There are in-apartment laundry machines.

Can I park my car at the apartment?

Parking spots are available for purchase on a monthly basis at $75 a month per student. There is street parking in the apartment area but is not always available.

What services are available around my apartment complex?

The area around the apartment includes a grocery store (Vons), Starbucks, Bank of America, dry cleaners and a prompt care facility just steps from your apartment front door.

What percentage of students find paid internships?

Most internships that our students take part in are unpaid. There are a few instances depending on the company or the work done where the internship is paid. It is rare to find a paid internship in the entertainment industry but students will earn college credit.