Jonathan Spence - Freshman Takes BU by Storm

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July 1, 2010


            Jonathan Spence, an 18-year old COM-AD major, feels that Bradley University is offering him the "major pieces in the big dream" that he had as a senior in high school in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Spence claims that he is an individual who "literally drowns himself in a sea of opportunity in the waves of the performing arts ocean. The opportunities I've taken at BU thus far have been life changing."

            In the past, Spence has been involved in playing the violin, writing poetry, performing in the theatre, writing and publishing two books with his parents, producing and performing vocal songs, and taking part in public speaking. Bradley has offered Spence enormous opportunities in his fields of interest. He states, "First, the Mid-State Magazine has allowed me to practice and enjoy the nature of being a host on television; second, I have embraced the Bradley University Speech Team as if they were my extended family." Already, Spence has taken 4th place in Poetry Interpretation and made it to the quarter finals in Prose Interpretation at the National Forensics League tournament in Birmingham, AL. In addition, he received 1st place at Wisconsin Forensics Coaches Association State Tournament in Solo Humorous Interpretation.

            Jonathan Spence has found his niche at Bradley and is taking advantage of every opportunity which BU has to offer. Go Jonathan! Go Bradley!