Theatre Alums Direct and Star in Chicago premiere

Rebecca Flores '12 is pictured in green shirt.

May 10, 2013

Director Julian Stroop '12 presents the Chicago premiere of Teenage Dream, a Disney Channel Parody by Aisha Leverett. Performances begin Wednesday, May 1, and run every Wednesday night until June 5. Every show is at 9pm at Gorilla Tango Theatre, 1919 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago 60647. Tickets are $20; to purchase tickets call 773-598-4549 or visit

In the world of Teenage Dream anything can happen. Seeming normal high school girls can lead a superstar double life, nerds can have magic powers, and jocks can break out into perfectly choreographed musical numbers. Yes, nothing at this high school is what it seems, but if these tweens hope to survive they will have to learn to put aside their differences, embrace their individuality and you know, whatever, all that other garbage. This spring Gorilla Tango Theater will make us all feel like we’re living a Teenage Dream... and don’t forget about PROM.

The complete cast and production team for Teenage Dream includes: CAST: Rebecca Flores '12 (Lola Dakota/dance captain), Hannah Tarr (Aubrey Abernathy/fight captain), Mike Movido (Principal Zanzibar), Charlie Match (Leif Lamone), Sam Alden (Harold Witt), Dean Beever '01 (Nerdly), Matthew Curtis (Shane), Patrick Mahaney (Tyler), and Taylor Price (First lady Michelle Obama).

CREW: Julian Stroop '12 (director), Rachel Jaicks (music director), Justin Verstraete '09 (fight choreographer), and Robert Lloyd '12 (sound design).

For more information or to schedule a review, please contact director Julian Stroop at or 708-642-5359. For more information on Gorilla Tango Theatre, contact Kelly Williams,