New Interactive Media Concentrations for Fall 2010

July 2, 2010

The Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts announces new concentrations in Interactive Media including Game Design, Animation and Visual Effects, and Web Application and Design beginning fall 2010. These recently approved programs further the development of skills and specializations of graduates aspiring to become new-media professionals.

Game Design Concentration

The Game Design concentration focuses on the development of games, including gameplay, storytelling and conception, visual and audio media, and team work among artists, programmers, and storytellers.

Animation and Visual Effects Concentration

The Animation and Visual Effects concentration focuses on elements of interactive media that include storytelling, motion graphics, narrative, interactive performance, cinematography, and animation. This area is both artistic and technical in nature. It includes the critical area of digital storytelling, the most important element in capturing and retaining the attention of the audience using high quality design and production techniques.

Web and Application Design Concentration

The Web and Application Design concentration focuses on user-based artistic design, interactive design, and human computer interactions in both websites and applications. This concentration enables students to sharpen their skills and abilities in designing visually appealing layouts, modern design techniques, and techniques using state-of-the-art equipment.

Applications to Bradley University for these new programs are now being accepted for enrollment in the next fall semester beginning August 2010.