Slane College welcomes freshmen and transfers with sno cones, and new opportunities

September 13, 2013

By Savannah Jones ‘14

The first week of school for new students majoring in the College of Communications and Fine Arts started in the Global Communications Center with a burst of energy and eager anticipation for the school year. The Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts hosted a welcome party for freshmen and transfers the day before classes started.

Slane Dean Jeffrey Huberman stood before the crowd and explained they were the “smartest students.”

“You’re among great collaborators and you start that collaboration today,” Huberman said.

Associate Dean BJ Lawrence introduced the staff and encouraged students to become “good friends” with the chairperson of their department “because they will be a great resource for you in the future with internships and jobs.”

Slane College showcased the opportunities awaiting new students with testimonials from upperclassmen. Among the five upperclassmen sharing their stories, two had interned in Hollywood, another will be working at the 2014 NBC Winter Olympics in Souchi, Russia and the other two speakers are members of the nationally-recognized speech team.

The informational meeting wrapped up with a musical performance by the cast of “Side Show,” the Department of Theatre Arts musical opening September 26 in the Hartmann Center for the Performing Arts.

“The welcome week presentation made me feel like I picked the right school,” freshman advertising major Matt Cole said.

“I’ve been super excited for a while and the presentation hyped everyone up for how fun it’s going to be,” freshman graphics design major Faith Bohn said.

Students were ushered outside to booths set up by the many student-run organizations in the Slane College. While munching on popcorn and cotton candy, students received information from groups like the video game club and the school paper “The Scout”. 

Later that night, freshmen made their way to The Coliseum for freshmen convocation where speech team member and Theater Arts major Kaybee Brown treated them to a performance.  Brown is a multiple national champion in speech and performed one of his award-winning events.

“It was really great because he got to represent the entire speech team,” freshmen journalism major and speech team member Abby Hanneman said. “The freshmen got to see the talent Bradley University produces. It showed commitment to excellence for the Slane Department.”

Students have many great opportunities waiting for them in The Slane Department of Communications and Fine Arts stated Associate Dean Lawrence to the attending students.  “I have the best job in the world because I get to work with each one of you.”

The excitement of the Welcome Week festivities were video taped by Justin Rustaino ’14 a Television Arts major.