College Classmates Stay Connected

February 7, 2013

From childhood friends to college classmates to professional colleagues, the lives JAKE HUBERMAN '04 and KATY FERGUSON '04 have been intertwined.

"My intro to mass media class loves Katy," said Jake, a visiting assistant professor of film and television at the University of La Verne, just east of Los Angeles. He uses Skype to connect his class with his friend, who is digital sales manager at the Peoria Journal Star.

"So far, I have just Skyped with him regarding newspaper/media/ online and how it is evolving and changing, and he showed his class and used it as class discussion," Katy said.

"They're very interested in learning her perspective on how the Internet is changing the future of newspapers," Jacob added.

Katy and Jacob grew up as neighbors and playmates, first meeting after the Huberman family moved next door to the Fergusons when the pair was 3 years old.

From that first meeting over crayons to Bradley and beyond, the two have remained close. "I brought Katy to my grade school when I was 10 years old; I wanted her to meet my friends. It's funny that 20 years later I'm still bringing her to school with me," Jacob remarked.

Jacob, who also works as a television and film editor, lives with his wife Elena in Los Angeles. Katy lives in Peoria.