Sports Communication students break the ice with Rivermen staff

October 3, 2011

Students network with industry professionals and each other behind the scenes at the Peoria Civic Center.

By Ivy Hillman '12

Sports Communication students took a field trip Sept. 30, or, more accurately, a rink trip. A group of 18 students and three faculty members enjoyed an exclusive, behind-the-scenes experience at the Peoria Rivermen's first preseason game. Bradley alumna Stacy Preis, an account executive with the Rivermen, and Dr. Angela Pratt, assistant professor of sports communication, organized the outing.

"The idea behind this event was to give sports communication students a chance to see and hear what goes on 'behind the scenes' at a professional minor league sporting event," Pratt said.

In addition to this, the Rivermen staff members are hoping that students will be encouraged to apply for internships with the team in the future.

Following a tour of the facility, students and faculty received a free ticket to the game.

Ashley Alletto, a sports communication student who attended the game, had a great time and now realizes there are vast opportunities in the sports industry.

"It helped to show me more of the job opportunities that I can have with this major. It also showed me that in this field, we need to be able to do many different types of jobs and we need to be flexible because when we graduate, we are not going to be starting our dream jobs," Alletto said.

Alletto also enjoyed the chance to get to know more students in her major.

Timothy Lahey, another sports communication student, learned some helpful tips to set himself apart from the competition when it comes time to apply for jobs.

"I learned that employers are looking for experience and that we should get that as soon as possible. Take internships that might not exactly fit what you want but will help you in the future. Don't put blinders on and focus solely on one thing" become flexible and multi-talented," Lahey said.

For these students, the Rivermen game was much more than a spectator event. They were able to network with professionals and other students and learned about what they have to look forward to upon graduation.