Recent Grad Lands Internship with Energy BBDO

July 12, 2012

By Rachel Zolfo '14

Many college students dream of gaining valuable work experience right after graduation. Lucky for advertising graduate Lauryn Landacre '12, this dream is her reality.

Landacre is spending her summer in Chicago as a planning intern at Energy BBDO, one of the top advertising agencies in the world. The internship, she said, stemmed directly from her successful senior project that she and her team completed for COM 480.

"I am so grateful to Bradley for giving me this opportunity," she said. "I never would have gotten this internship if it hadn't been for my senior project. Bradley's advertising program provided me with a direct link to one of the biggest advertising companies in the world."

For her senior project, Landacre teamed up with five other students to develop a new advertising campaign for the New York branch of BBDO. The project was intended to promote diversity among the firm's staff and encourage the hiring of new employees from different backgrounds.

To raise the stakes, the advertising department turned the project into a contest in which the winning group would have the opportunity to travel to New York present their campaign to the executives at BBDO.

Landacre was thrilled to discover that she and her group were the winners of competition, and in April, they flew to New York City to present their findings. It was here that Landacre met Douglass Alligood '56, a senior vice president at BBDO NY who introduced her to the CEO in Chicago and helped her to land the internship.

Landacre said she loves every minute of it of her summer job.

"As a planning intern, I represent the consumer," she explained. "The other interns and I do research on consumers' wants and interests, work out a communication strategy, and then present our findings to the creative board and they come up with the final product."

Landacre explained that her experience in the advertising program at Bradley and especially with her senior project helped her develop the independent work ethic necessary for a career in advertising.

"With both the senior project and the internship, we were given limited information and guidance to help us along," she said. "They trust in you to know what you're doing, and to come back with something great in time for the deadline. It really teaches you to be independent and to come up with things on your own."

Landacre is pleased with the atmosphere and "cool culture" at BBDO and hopes that her internship will lead to a full-time position.

"BBDO as a company is just amazing," she said. "I feel so grateful to Bradley and to all of the professors that helped me get to where I am."