Interactive Media Site Student Workers

July 1, 2010

Over the summer of 2009, five Interactive Media students re-authored the Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts website to create the overall treatment for College, Department, and Program content. The site uses the open-source content management system, Drupal, that will enable units to edit their own content in the future and brings the Slane website within contemporary industry standards.

The students who worked on the site, and their areas of focus, included: Shaun Greiner (functionality and back-end servers); Amanda Sanchez (design and layout); Mike Watson (Flash content); Adam Zimmermann (imported and supervised all content); Clint McCombs (videos and sound that play within  Flash). Greiner, Sanchez, and Watson will graduate in December, 2009; McCombs  is in the class of 2010 and Zimmermann graduates in 2012.

The team will work on the site throughout fall, 2009, adding more content  as well as providing user training to faculty and staff.

The Interactive Media program and the Slane College thank these workers for their outstanding contributions.