Joel Raabe, '06 MM grad, Scores Sound Effects for "WWII in HD" with History Channel

July 1, 2010



            November 16, 2009, was the premiere of "WWII in HD" on the History Channel. Joel Raabe, 2006 Multimedia graduate from Bradley University, did all of the sound effects for the 10-hour series. The show was beautifully edited from stunning color film footage of WWII, which, of course, was all silent footage. Raabe stated in an email to Bradley, "So that's where I came in, bringing the experience of the raw war footage to life. Guns, cannons, planes, tanks, bombs, boats, trucks, crowds, waves, bullets, shouts, cheers, etc " none of that was there before and was all edited and designed by myself and the team at Gramercy Post. After all the sounds were in place, I was also responsible for the final mix, where the effects are balanced with the dialogue and music to make the experience as dramatic and powerful as possible."

            The NY Daily News, LA Times, and Newsday all have spoken very favorably about the series, and Raabe added, "The show is moving, visceral, and beautiful. You may be shocked; you may cry; you will be proud to be an American, and you will be thankful for the service of our veterans."

            The series aired from November 16 to November 19. You may view excerpts by going to