Theatre students scares up a Halloween costume

September 26, 2012

By Brigitte Graf '13

With pumpkins on porches and candy sales in stores, many people are gearing up for Halloween. Senior Theatre Arts major Eleanore Cashen, however, has been thinking about the autumn holiday for several weeks now. 

Cashen has recently been selected as a top 20 finalist for the website's Ultimate Halloween Costume Design Contest for her submission, which she calls "The Illusionist."

For her design, Cashen took an inspired approach from some of her favorite music.

"I have been listening to some music from Nightwish," Cashen said. "They had a new album come out called 'Imaginarium', and there were a few songs on there that had that feel to it. I also just read a book called 'The Night Circus' that gave me some inspiration too. And I just thought, 'Draw what you would want to wear.'"

Cashen had an interest in costume design that began back in high school. Since coming to Bradley, though, she has been able to further develop her craftsmanship.

"There was an opening when I came to Bradley in costume designing so I went for it," Cashen said. "I also loved to draw, so it all stemmed from there. My designs have grown a lot more in depth since I've come here. From my classes we learn to ask the questions 'Why?' and 'How does this costume serve the story?'"

The contest, which received more than 100 submissions from across the nation, will select first through third place winners. The winning designers will receive cash prizes and have their costumes sold at an action for a starting bid of $50.

Cashen approached the competition with an open mind, and was pleasantly surprised to find her submission so well received.

"I did not believe I was going to make it," Cashen said. "I have the mentality of if it works out then great, if not then I move onto the next thing. But if I win I'll be able to put the money towards the interim trip to London this year, and that would be fantastic."

Cashen and the rest of the top 20 designers will find out the results of the contest around mid-October.