"Gurgle Growl Gulp" Art Guild Exhibit Features Bradley Alums

September 9, 2011

By Ivy Hillman '12 

"Gurgle Growl Gulp," an art exhibit featuring the work of three Bradley graduates, was displayed at the Peoria Art Guild from Aug. 1 to Sept. 2.

Chris Hutson's exhibit came from automatic drawing, a style of drawing in which one's hand moves over paper without general control, revealing what's in the unconscious mind.

"Most of my work begins with these gestural automatic drawings and proceeds to tighten and evolve into more finely rendered representations by the time it is finished," Hutson '02 said.

Jane Ryder '05 organized the exhibit and was also featured in it. Her work focuses on ecosystems. She gets inspiration from driving through wild areas in various states across the country. She currently lives in Oskaloosa, Iowa, and goes camping frequently to gain even more artistic inspiration.

The work that Jillian Ludwig '05 displayed in the exhibit focused on her first year of marriage and is titled "Une Obsession Tranquille." All of the images she had on display in the exhibit focused on a pair of elephants, which she used to represent time she spent in France during the first year of her marriage.

Hutson looked at this exhibit as a way to get his work seen by even more people.

"It was one more show and one more time getting the work out. In addition, this time I did better than breaking even, with help from the Art Guild staff and the continued success of the CIAO First Fridays," Hutson said.