Slovenian Students Visit the Slane College

July 1, 2010


Bradley played host to six Slovenian students during a 10-day exchange program which lasted from September 18-25. Maja Tiselj, Karmen Resman, Ziva Rokavec, Simon Rajbar, Zoran Majatovic, and Anze Voje were immersed in American culture in Chicago, Peoria, and Indianapolis. The six Slovenian students are seniors at the University of Ljubljana, majoring in journalism. The program was directed by Dr. Margaret Young and Prof. Jan Frazier.

The Slovenians as well as Bradley students - Jamie Rasmussen, Melissa Reiss, Zemaria Jeanty, Rachel Berg, Liz Healy, and Brett Angelico - visited numerous Chicago, Peoria, and Indianapolis media outlets, such as popular magazines, alternative media, radio stations, and cultural activities. The group also had the opportunity to visit the Slovenian National Home in Indianapolis where they were greeted by descendents of Slovenian immigrants who had settled in Indiana.

A future trip for Bradley students going to Slovenia will hopefully be approved for 2010.