Project Types

The Turner Center assists companies on technology commercialization projects in which each consists of four essential elements. Collectively, these projects vary by stages of development, types of companies, and technology areas. This creates many project opportunities for companies to collaborate with Bradley. These range from pursuing breakthrough ideas to enhancing current products, and include:

  • Innovation and commercialization assessments - Identify innovation opportunities (i.e., where technical solutions merge with customer problems, needs, or wants) and create an assessment plan for commercializing new technology and product platforms and business models.
  • Research & Development - Conduct R and D to solve defined technical problems that also have industry or customer applications. The data is used to evaluate if and how the problems can be solved and identify potential product or process applications.
  • Proof-of-concept - Create first iteration of a new product or process with basic features and generates data. Initial considerations are given to customer applications, market adoption, and business models.
  • Prototype testing - Perform iterative testing to evaluate technical performance and target product applications. The data helps test product features, collect customer feedback, perform market research, and evaluate business models.
  • Initial deployment of new product/process with customers - Use customer feedback in a product application environment to evaluate the “wow” effect, final product/process features, market adoption, and if and how the product/process will be launched.
  • Platform and product extensions - Leverage a company’s existing technology and product platforms to develop new product applications. This takes advantage of in-house product designs, manufacturing processes, and customer knowledge for creating new product applications and markets.