Success Stories

“Branson Meets Broadway” - The Rebirth of the Barn

Surrounded by a cattle farm, Abby Reel, now business partner of the Barn III, envisioned a life of entrepreneurship as an adolescent.

Peoria Specialty

Peoria Specialty Obtains Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Zone Certification

Lux Blox

That said, this is the long-story-short-version of how Mike and Heather went from two separate career trajectories to running a hot startup that is taking STEM education by storm.

Pearce Passionate

Passionate is a precise adjective to describe the heart of Maggie Butterfield.

Crest Foods

A Three Generational Family Owned Business

The Natural Abundance of Business

Luke Haverhals, Founder and CEO of Natural Fiber Welding, Inc. (NFW) has a unique background and technical training that has enabled him to comprehend fundamental physics and atoms all the way up to how global systems work.

Heartland Fabrication

Troy Young and Rod Wiegand, co-owners of Heartland Fabrication LLC, began their journey in the field of custom fabrication within the realm of another company.