Program and Curriculum

Program Highlights

Our curriculum is competency driven. Each course is aligned with one or more of the following key competencies:


Lead with knowledge and integrity as you develop an awareness of your own leadership tendencies and a capability to recognize and effectively neutralize interpersonal issues.

Our week-long leadership challenge is designed as an exploration and deep dive into the world of leadership under the guidance of responsive and personalized executive coaching. The exploration begins with you as you learn about your preferences, inclinations, and tendencies through a series of assessment instruments. We will seek to understand and address some of the pressing behavioral challenges affecting leadership in contemporary organizations and discuss how successful leaders meet overcome those challenges. You will also develop critical insights, perspectives, and skills that will enhance your growth and development as a difference-making leader.

“I believe that the exercise about defining my values, beliefs, leadership philosophies and leadership lessons will be most useful as understanding these things is the foundation required to be a strong leader.”

Global Citizen

Understand your role as a global citizen, respecting the cultural dynamics of world economics when making business decisions.

On our international trip, we will immerse ourselves in another culture as we look at the forces shaping the international economy. We will develop frameworks to understand business strategies and tactics used in business environments around the world. Through live case study projects, we will tackle real-life issues facing organizations abroad and apply many of the tools and solutions learned throughout the program.

“Overall, the international trip was outstanding! I grew leaps and bounds from a personal standpoint and can already see how the experience is changing my view of things as well as my leadership back here in the United States.”

Critical Thinking

Maximize your critical thinking skills to formulate effective solutions and construct a vision for the future of your organization.

Several modules in the program will provide you with strategies that will hone and broaden your critical thinking skills, including risk analysis techniques, interpretation of financial data, business cycle analysis, performance measurement techniques, and more.

“Paul did an excellent job of making the content [on cost management] understandable for a non-business person. I really appreciated that he took us back to the beginning allowing me to develop the framework necessary to build upon. I feel I have a good grasp of financial statements and can understand how they interact and how they can be used to provide useful information for decision-making.”

Strategic Positioning

Develop your ability to think strategically to formulate and operationalize strategically-sound initiatives.

Through practical approaches in a variety of functional areas, we will develop your ability to think strategically and maximize the performance of your business as a whole. We will explore the fluid, ongoing process of strategic planning and related topics, from developing a culture that enhances employee dedication to building your company’s brand.

“This module [on Strategic Positioning and Maximizing Performance] has helped me provide a solution to a problem that has been hindering our organization. Not just in helping define a solution, but to gain consensus and courage to actually move in the marketplace.”

Integrated and Relevant

The EMBA curriculum integrates key knowledge and skills within economics, marketing, finance, operations, and management into courses focused on current business issues, such as managing costs, securing and maintaining your customer base, attracting and developing talented employees, and entering or competing in complex global markets.

As an EMBA participant, you’ll learn by doing: working on projects developed from actual business cases garnered from real companies including your own.