Unlike traditional MBA and EMBA programs, Bradley University’s Theresa S. Falcon EMBA courses are issues-based, focusing on the most current and pressing challenges identified by managers and executives. Business issues are addressed from an interdisciplinary perspective applying insights gained from theories and applications in accounting, marketing, management, and finance.

Executive MBA Courses

Within the curriculum, each course is aligned with one or more of 4 Key Competencies: Leadership, Global Citizenry, Critical Thinking, and Strategic Positioning. The program kicks off with a week-long intensive leadership experience. Students will review assessments of their leadership strengths and areas of opportunity, build relationships with their classmates, and launch a leadership development plan to be executed during their time in the program. Students are partnered with an executive coach during this first week, and they'll begin working together to ensure that the business acumen gained in the program will be implemented using effective leadership skills and techniques.

Course topics throughout the program are highlighted below:

  • Scanning the Environment
  • External Economic Environment
  • Managing Technology
  • Cost Management
  • Competition and Pricing
  • Creating and Maintaining Customer Satisfaction
  • Communication Workshop
  • Attracting and Developing Talent 
  • Building Employee Commitment
  • Acquiring Capital and Making Investment Decisions
  • Global Environment and Issues
  • Developing Strategy
  • Leading Successful Change
  • Performance Measurement and Control Systems
  • Strategic Positioning and Maximizing Performance

For detailed descriptions of each course, visit the EMBA Courses page in the Graduate Catalog.