Time Frame 2 years 16 months
Meeting Time 2 evenings a week One weekend per month, 8AM – 5PM Friday and Saturday and 8AM - 12PM Sunday; weekly evening virtual sessions
Average Age 26 40
Average Years of Experience 4 10
Typical Participant Working professionals with an undergraduate degree from varied educational disciplines and diverse business backgrounds. Working professionals with an undergraduate degree with almost a decade of management experience and currently work as business managers or owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, CFO’s, presidents, vice presidents, directors, or in other equivalent leadership positions.   Participants bring knowledge from diverse business backgrounds such as health care, engineering, agriculture, education, law, insurance, government, and social services.  
Average Class Size 24 students 12-18 students
Learning Environment Engage with the MBA curriculum through a balance of case study analysis, experiential opportunities, lecture, and individual and group projects. Each EMBA class matriculates through the program as a group, or cohort. Within that cohort, smaller study groups of 5 to 6 participants are formed for group project work and team building skills.