Employer Benefits

Students who complete the EMBA Program offer an immediate and lasting impact on employers.

Immediate Implementation

Our commitment to an applied, real-business education means you’ll being new ideas and skills to your workplace after each weekend session. Individual and team projects are based on your place of business leading to direct and tangible results.

Enhanced Decision-Making

The EMBA curriculum helps you integrate knowledge gained from all business areas to inform your strategic decision-making in every aspect of business. Your perspective will be broadened through new ideas gathered in class and through informal networking with your professional peers from diverse industries.

Effective Leadership

Our executive coaches meet with you regularly to help you master the habits of effective leaders. Individualized leadership training will allow you to become a stronger leader and better team member. As new skills emerge, your company benefits from improved teamwork, better cross-functional collaboration, enhanced decision-making, and a heightened sense of the company’s role in the market place.

Company Loyalty Benefits

Once three employees from your organization have been sponsored in the EMBA program, the Company Loyalty Scholarship becomes available to all future employees who participate in the program.

Learn about Additional Benefits from Alumni

Our EMBA Alliance is comprised of over 200 EMBA alumni who have experienced the benefits of the program first-hand. If you are interested in speaking with alumni to learn more about ways in which the program has impacted organizations, please contact us at EMBA@bradley.edu.