Integrated 3:2 MSA Program FAQs

How does the integrated 3:2 MSA program work, and why should I consider it?

In order to take the CPA exam and become a certified public accountant in Illinois, 150 credit hours from an accredited institution are required. The integrated 3:2 MSA program allows students to add a fifth year to their studies and complete an additional 30 credit hours at the graduate level and earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting. Graduates of the 3:2 program have the advantage of being able to complete their CPA examinations by the time of graduation and enter the job market as a CPA.

Who is eligible to apply to the 3:2 program?

Undergraduate students studying accounting at Bradley University are invited to apply to the 3:2 MSA program while enrolled in ATG 302, typically during junior year. Bradley students whose major is not accounting and students currently attending other universities are ineligible to apply to the 3:2 program.

What is required for application?

The application process for the 3:2 program is separate from the Graduate School processes, and so an online application to the Graduate School is not required. Additional details about the application process are provided to students enrolled in ATG 302, usually around mid-term. If you have any questions, please contact us at or 309-677-3714.

What is the tuition rate for the Integrated 3:2 MSA program? Are scholarships available?

Students enrolled in the 3:2 program continue to pay the undergraduate tuition rate and receive undergraduate scholarships and financial assistance for all five years in the program. For the most up-to-date information on undergraduate tuition and financial aid, visit the Student Financial Services website or speak with a financial advisor by calling 309-677-3089.