Interdisciplinary Major Program

The interdisciplinary major program gives you an opportunity to chart your academic and professional path beyond Bradley’s established options.

Preparing You For Success

The interdisciplinary major program is an option if you can't find your ideal career training through a traditional academic program. It challenges you to create a degree that combines courses from several academic departments. As a result, you think creatively across disciplines while you dive deep into several fields. For instance, if you're interested in becoming a museum curator, you could combine history and art with additional courses in management and digital humanities. Faculty advisors guide you through the degree proposal process, then mentor you as you complete the degree.

By the time you graduate, your experiences may include:

  • Courses from two or three academic departments housed in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Research opportunities with faculty
  • An internship or senior capstone project
  • Networking and professional development through student organizations

Making Your Mark

Because the IMP is flexible, students are valuable in a variety of graduate school and professional settings. In recent years, students have attended graduate school and pursued careers in fields as diverse as rhetoric, public health administration and arts administration.

Program Requirements

  • Majors range from 55-70 hours.
  • 30 hours must be 300 level or above.
  • 15 hours must be from outside an existing major.
  • If your degree is a B.A., you must take two years of college-level foreign language.
  • The internship or senior capstone course is recommended.
  • The majority of courses must be from majors within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.
  • Final GPA must be above 3.0.