Lecture Series

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Bradley University is home to over 130 full-time faculty members, many of whom enjoy national and even international reputations. Established in 2012, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Lecture Series provides an excellent venue to highlight and to celebrate our talented professors' outstanding scholarly and creative work. This lecture series also creates a regular and exciting opportunity to disseminate scholarly knowledge and creative insights within and beyond the Bradley University community. Additionally, it consistently sparks new ideas, forges fruitful collaborations, and promotes continuing inquiry and dialogue on a range of compelling issues in the humanities, social sciences, and natural and computational sciences. As a result, the lecture series underscores the enduring and transformative value of the liberal arts and sciences.

Fall Lecture Series

"'Why, you are not different from us!':Japanese American Resettlement in Peoria During World War II"

Dr. Rustin Gates, Department of History

Date: Thursday, October 18, 2018
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Westlake Hall, room 116

The American government incarcerated Japanese Americans, including those with American citizenship, in concentration camps not long after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. "Loyal" incarcerees were allowed to "resettle" in areas away from the West Coast provided they had employment opportunities. The Midwest was a popular destination, as Japanese Americans encountered, in general, greater kindness and hospitality than they had experienced in the West. Peoria was one such destination that welcomed Japanese Americans into the community, offered employment opportunities, and provided educational resources for college-aged resettlers at Bradley University. This talk examines this experience of Japanese American resettlers to Peoria during World War II.

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