College News

Her craft changed her life: How social justice becomes a career for junior Danyelle Butler

She saw wrongs and needed to right them. With her second title published, can one student author shift the script behind bettering underprivileged lives and set herself up for a fantastic future?

Bradley Esports Bring Competition to a Keystroke Craft

Newly introduced to a national conference, Bradley players entertain online audiences every night of the week.

Powerful Leadership: Serving Her City’s Seniors One Meal at a Time

After a career in the corporate world, this Bradley alumna brought her vision to lead a major Atlanta nonprofit through some of its toughest challenges in recent years.

Ms. Hampton Goes to Washington

A summer internship as a congressional staffer teaches this political science major how the legislative process really works.

Bradley University Professor Named Inventor of the Year

Research Professor Luke Haverhals honored for creating a new, sustainable technology.

Did You Hear That? A Study into How Brains Perceive Music

An innovative study seeks answers to why we hear vocals in music when they’re not actually there.

LAS Awards Ceremony

Bradley’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences announces its Spring Semester 2022 awards for outstanding students.

Playing Mind Games: How to Make Your Future a Little More Comfortable

An honors research project seeks to make virtual reality experiences more pleasant for users, who often suffer from virtual motion sickness.