Spring 2018

LAS 101-02: Latin America and the Hunger Games

MWF 2:00-2:50      Dr. Aurea Toxqui-Garay

The Hunger Games are among the favorite movies of generation Z and millennials. Why is that? Is it because of the kind of topics addressed in the trilogy? Strong female characters? The underdog defeating the powerful and rich? Justice and revolution? Unity and community? Have you thought about what happened after the revolution succeeded? Was everything “happily ever after”? We will discuss such questions in class. We will analyze the trilogy of the Hunger Games and watch some classic films and documentaries produced in Latin America that deal with similar topics. We will draw comparisons to social movements, gender and ethnic issues, as well as problems with social and justice inequality in the Americas. Be ready to bring popcorn.

This course will satisfy the BCC WC requirement or the college out-of-cluster requirement.

LAS 101-03: The Good Life: Philosophical and Social Scientific Perspectives

T/Th 10:30-11:45      Dr. Ryan Reed

Many students enter higher education in the hopes that a university degree will put them on the path to ‘the good life.’ But what does the good life mean? Is it the same for all individuals? How do happiness, success, wealth, and virtue, among other concepts, play into the good life? The starting point of the seminar will be a consideration of philosophical perspectives on what constitutes a good life. Then, we will consider the question from the vantage point of findings from the social sciences. The aim of the seminar is to give students an opportunity, early in their career at Bradley, to develop and adopt their own conceptions of the good life.

This course will satisfy the college out-of-cluster requirement.

Fall 2018

LAS 101-01: China's Three Teachings

 Dan Getz

LAS 101-02: Sustainability - Planning for Our Future

 Janet Gehring

LAS 101-03: Islamic Civilizations

 Jason Zaborowski

LAS 101-04: High Anxieties: Intoxication & Addiction in American Life

 Sarah Whetstone

LAS 101-05: Why Are We Here?

 Seth Katz

LAS 101-06: The Good Life: Philosophical and Social Scientific Perspectives

 Ryan Reed

LAS 101-07: Journeys through Spain

 James Courtad