Current Students

It is estimated that somewhere between 75%-85% of college students will change their major before they graduate. Because of this, students who enter the university with a chosen major may elect to participate in the Academic Exploration Program after their first semester.

A special section of AEP 100 is offered in the spring semester to help students who may have learned over the course of their first semester that their initial major may not be their best option. The spring semester AEP 100 course is designed to move quickly in the first three weeks of the semester to prepare students to navigate major exploration and to make any necessary changes to their course schedule before the course drop deadline. Students who wish to participate in AEP after their first year will also be able to enroll in the fall semester AEP 100 course.

Current Bradley students may transfer into the Academic Exploration Program anytime prior to their junior year (fewer than 56 credit hours).

Students who wish to declare into the Academic Exploration Program will be assigned an AEP advisor until a new major is declared. Students are not required to declare AEP as a major in order to access AEP resources. 

Major/career inventories and assessments are free for all Bradley students to use and do not require students to declare into AEP to utilize.

To schedule a consultation, advising appointment, or major change, please click here.