Future Students

Ready to start college, but not ready to decide on your major? No problem!

The Academic Exploration Program (AEP) has helped thousands of students through the years identify major and career opportunities that align with their skills, interests, values and goals.

1 in 10 first-year students begin in the Academic Exploration Program, making it the second largest incoming program for new freshmen!

While in AEP, students will learn about major and career opportunities through the unique lens of their own strengths and goals. New students will spend their first semesters completing graduation requirements while exploring their options through a series of assessments and activities designed to help them understand and align their skills and values with majors and occupations. 

Students will also have a knowledgeable and reliable professional advisor who will engage them with holistic and individualized academic advising. Most students who go through AEP graduate on the same timeline as their peers who may have declared a major on or before their first day. 

The Academic Exploration Program consists of award-winning academic advisement integrated throughout the AEP 100 seminar and in collaboration with a variety of resources both on and off campus that will help you understand and define your academic goals through exposure, self reflection, goal setting and assessment.