Department of Art And Design Award Winners

Outstanding Students in Art History

Maggie Allen & Autumn Haberkorn-Mendez

Maggie Allen & Autumn Haberkorn-Mendez award photo

Outstanding Student in Ceramics

Islam Chyngozhoev

Islam Chyngozhoev award photo

Hallie Fedorowicz

Hallie Fedorowicz award photo

Outstanding Students in Drawing

Ryan Hearne

Ryan Hearneaward photo

Ortega Diego Mcneeley

Ortega Diego Mcneeley award photo

Outstanding Students in Graphic Design

Ashliana Mueller

Ashliana Mueller award photo

Dimitra Procopos

Dimitra Procopos award photo

Olivia Stieg

Olivia Stieg award photo

Jordan Tomlianovich

Jordan Tomlianovich award photo

Outstanding Students in Painting

Tay Clark

Tay Clark award photo

Morgan Grajewski

Morgan Grajewski award photo

Outstanding Student in Photography

Robert Morin

Robert Morin award photo

Stephen Pritchard

Stephen Pritchard award photo

Outstanding Students in Sculpture

Laura Feng

Laura Feng award photo

Harper Otto

Harper Otto award photo


Kottemann Endowed Scholarship

Rebekah Emmert (Sculpture)

Rebekah Emmert award photo

Mendez-KK Endowed Scholarship

Hallie Fedorowicz (Graphic Design)

Hallie Fedorowicz award photo

Emmily Scumaci (Photography)

Emmily Scumaci award photo

John Barrett Annual

Angeleen Hill (Graphic Design)

Angeleen Hill award photo

Nyles Williams (Graphic Design)

Nyles Williams award photo

Dow Mitchell Scholarship

No printmakers this year

Roscoe & Lila Linder Art and Music Endowed Scholarship (Art)

Autumn Haberkorn-Mendez (Art History)

Autumn Haberkorn-Mendez award photo